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About Us

The KAWS, a community kitchen & commissary, provides a facility that allows new businesses to start and existing smaller businesses to grow.  Our kitchen space provides business development guidance and resources to Lake Havasu City and The KAWS members.   

By making a reservation, you can utilize any kitchen, event or work space of your choice.  

The KAWS kitchen is a great place for aspiring entrepreneurs to try out their business ideas while maintaining  health standard requirements and minimizing both upfront capital expenditures and ongoing fixed costs.

Or if  you already have a business, the kitchen provides a lower-risk opportunity to expand your business. 


Collaboration is our bread and butter

What We Offer

Kitchen client/companies include but are not limited to:  

  • Caterers who are too small to have their own location and want to take on bigger jobs   

  • Personal Chefs who want to add more clients and achieve more efficiency by doing some or all of the  preparation in a commercial kitchen prior to entering the client's home  

  • Convenience Food Providers (Meal Prep) who want to create carry out or delivered meals   

  • Bakers and Pastry Chefs who sell breads, baked goods, and desserts wholesale to caterers, restaurants,  retail stores and consumers  

  • Specialty Chefs who want to market their products to local stores, restaurants & consumers

  • Micro Producers who want to bottle or package their product  

  • Food Trucks and Mobile Units that need a licensed premise to prep, wash and dump

  • Ghost Kitchens that reach their consumer via 3rd Party Delivery

  • Pop Up Restaurant who wants to gain exposure of their skills in the field of hospitality  

  • Music & Voice Lessons  

  • Art or Music Show  

  • Paint Party & Classes  

  • Art Display  

  • Open Mic Night  

Event space rental include but are not limited to:  

  • Shared Workspace for all business professionals (hourly or monthly rates) 

  • Personal events (i.e. Baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party, retirement party) 

  • Corporate Gatherings & Receptions  

  • Cooking Classes  

  • Tastings  

  • Group Meetings & Seminars  

  • Food Truck Event  

  • Outdoor Events  

  • Community Art Classes  

  • Fundraisers  

  • Farmers Market  

  • Yoga Classes 

Legal Kitchen 

Food service regulations require food sold to the public to be prepared in a licensed home kitchen (very limited  product) or in a commercial kitchen. When entrepreneurs enter the business they are forced to keep their jobs  small enough to be able to utilize home or venue facilities or utilize illegal facilities (i.e. unlicensed home  kitchens, etc.) and hope their practices will not be discovered. Regulations also require mobile vendors to  partner with a commissary. The KAWS offers our client/companies a sanitary, licensed and permitted facility  inspected by Mohave County Health Department. 

Preparing Salad

No Long-term Contracts 

When your situation changes for any reason (you're so successful you need your own space or this isn't the  business for you), the Kitchen User Agreement can be terminated with a 30 day notice. Just cancel your Health  Department permit if applicable and return your keys and any future monthly minimums are no longer required.  


Convenient Location 

Secured cold and dry storage allows you the convenience of having all your equipment and supplies on site.  You have what you need every time you need it, without having to haul it around each time! Indoor and outdoor  space available for rent. Also, drive-thru capability for your customer to easily pick up product. Event and work space on Main Street in a comfortable environment.  

Shared Work Space

The creative-friendly, collaborative environment is designed to showcase your talent and ideas while making  connections with like-minded experts in a variety of innovative fields

Low Initial Investment 

Small-scale or part-time business operations often cannot acquire the substantial initial capital investment  required to open a commercial facility. Our facility provides the equipment and sufficient work space to build or expand your business at a much smaller startup cost.  

Lower Ongoing Fixed Costs 

Rent & utilities for an exclusive location can be much higher than our monthly or hourly rate.  

Work Schedule Flexibility 

The KAWS offers all clients who want non-standard hours the flexibility to utilize the kitchen 24 hours, 7 days  per week. This is especially nice to accommodate other employment schedules, childcare or eldercare  requirements and seasonal trends. 

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